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Are you looking for a professional and powerful Content Management System (CMS) to help you create and manage professional websites? Then TYPO3 is exactly what you need.

TYPO3 offers everything you need for your web development projects. From intuitive web design tools to comprehensive online marketing and digital marketing strategy features, TYPO3 has everything you need to professionalize your online presence.

With TYPO3 you can edit and manage your website easily and quickly. Whether you want to add texts, images, videos or forms - everything is possible with TYPO3. And thanks to the comprehensive editorial and role management functions, you can define exactly who is allowed to edit and publish which content.

TYPO3 functions

TYPO3 functions

TYPO3 is a popular enterprise open source content management system (CMS) used by many companies and supported by many digital agencies in Germany . Development with TYPO3 involves configuring and adapting the system to the needs of the customer. This includes, for example, creating templates, integrating functions such as forms or newsletters, and creating user roles and permissions. An important task in TYPO3 development at a digital agency is to ensure that the client's website is user-friendly and well maintained. This includes testing and debugging errors.

We support you in making the right decision. We offer new development in the form of a relaunch, the further development of an existing system or even the takeover of technical or user support as a full service. We update outdated TYPO3 systems for a fixed price.

A good CMS

A good content management system (CMS) requires a number of features that make it suitable for certain use cases. Here are some features that make a good CMS stand out:

Ease of use:
A good CMS is intuitive to use and provides users with an easy way to add, edit and publish content.

A good CMS offers users the ability to add and manage different types of content, such as text, images, videos, forms, etc.

A good CMS is able to keep up with growing needs and can be used for small as well as large websites.

Integration Capability:
A good CMS provides users with the ability to integrate it with other systems and applications to expand functionality.

A good CMS has extensive security features to protect the integrity of the website and its content.

Search Engine Optimization:
A good CMS offers users the ability to improve the SEO performance of their website by generating meta tags and sitemaps, for example.

TYPO3 operation, monitoring, maintenance, updates & support


Ensure the smooth functionality of your TYPO3 website through continuous monitoring and updating. Our full-service offering gives you the freedom to focus on your core business while we ensure that your website runs smoothly as an effective tool to support your business.

We offer the best support for any type of TYPO3 website:

Level 1

Standard Support

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • TYPO3 Minor & Major Updates
  • max. 8h response time
  • Ticket system
ab € 300,- / Monat

Level 2

Extended Support

Level 1 Services plus:

  • Availability monitoring
  • SEO monitoring incl. report
  • Google Search Console Monitoring
  • 6h response time
  • email support
ab € 500,- / Monat

Level 3

Premium Support

Level 2 Service plus:

  • Extended monitoring
  • SEO recommendations
  • Performance checks
  • 4h response time
  • Dedicated contact person
  • Telephone support
ab € 800,- / Monat

The best CMS

The best CMS

The selection of the optimal content management system (CMS) is a decisive factor for the success of your online presence. In this context, the question is often raised: Is TYPO3 the best CMS for you? The answer to this question depends to a large extent on your individual requirements and preferences, and here we will be happy to advise you.

TYPO3, as an open source CMS, has made a name for itself especially in the management of large and complex web projects. Its strength lies in the impressive variety of functions and extensions, which makes it extremely flexible to adapt. This flexibility makes it possible to implement even the most sophisticated website structures and functions. Companies with extensive content and complex requirements will find TYPO3 a powerful solution.

We can discuss your specific requirements and goals in a personal meeting to determine whether TYPO3 is the optimal solution for your website. Because ultimately, what matters is that the CMS you choose fits your needs seamlessly and gives you the tools to create an outstanding online presence.

Why are TYPO3 updates important?


On the one hand to close security gaps, to fix bugs and on the other hand to be able to use new features of TYPO3. With each new version, potential vulnerabilities and threats are fixed. If the update cycle is interrupted, TYPO3 websites can be more vulnerable to hacker attacks and data loss. It is therefore essential that you keep your software up to date.

We offer updates to the latest TYPO3 version for any website size:


For a small TYPO3 instance with only some extensions and functions.

ab 500,- €


A TYPO3 instance of medium size already has some extension, possibly custom extensions and several languages .

ab 1.500,- €


For a larger TYPO3 instance with many Extensions/CustomExtensions and possibly external dependencies, we would be happy to advise you personally.

auf Anfrage


Für eine kleine TYPO3-Instanz mit nur einigen Extensions und Funktionen.

ab 800,- €


Eine TYPO3-Instanz mittlerer Größe hat bereits einige Extension, ggf. Custom Extensions und mehrere Sprachen.

ab 2.000,- €


Für eine größere TYPO3-Instanz mit vielen Extensions/CustomExtensions und ggf. externen Abhängigkeiten beraten wir Sie gerne persönlich.

auf Anfrage


Für eine kleine TYPO3-Instanz mit nur einigen Extensions und Funktionen.

ab 1.000,- €


Eine TYPO3-Instanz mittlerer Größe hat bereits einige Extension, ggf. Custom Extensions und mehrere Sprachen.

ab 2.500,- €


Für eine größere TYPO3-Instanz mit vielen Extensions/CustomExtensions und ggf. externen Abhängigkeiten beraten wir Sie gerne persönlich.

auf Anfrage

Concept & Planning

Problem space - Solution space

Plan the integration of the CMS, website or software solution that is right for you together with our developers, designers and technology experts. With our know-how, we support large global corporations as well as smaller regional companies. Through consistent and regular training, tech talks, advanced training, regular internal and external knowledge transfer, we know the latest technologies, market and industry trends and are your strong partner when it comes to ideas for the future of digitization.

Editors in TYPO3

Editors in TYPO3

TYPO3 is a content management system (CMS) that many users rate as user-friendly and intuitive. Here are some advantages that TYPO3 offers to the editors of the system:

  1. Ease of use
    TYPO3 offers an intuitive user interface that allows content to be managed quickly and easily.
  2. Flexible content types
    TYPO3 offers many different content types, such as text, images, videos, forms, etc., that can be customized to meet the needs of users.
  3. Full editorial and role management
    TYPO3 offers extensive user and user role management features, allowing editors to specify exactly who can edit and publish what content.
  4. Automated workflows
    TYPO3 offers functions for automating workflows, such as approving content by multiple editors.
  5. Support for multilingual websites
    TYPO3 offers extensive functions for managing multilingual websites, such as the ability to publish content in different languages.

And now?

TYPO3 Association Silver Member

Before deciding on a system, it is advisable to thoroughly research the available options and find out which one best meets your individual requirements. We are here to support you in this process.

Are you looking for a digital agency that can provide you with professional support in the development of your TYPO3 website? Our expertise covers all areas of TYPO3 development. From system configuration and template creation to seamless integration of features, we ensure that your website meets the highest expectations of your users. Rely on our years of experience, and together we will optimize your website.

Contact us now to learn more and discuss your requests!

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